FAQ    (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  What is the skill level of this choir?

A.  We are an intermediate men and women’s choir.    

Q. How do I join?

A. Please ring or email first.

As of  December 2017, we have space for space for 1 male tenor and 1 male bass in the Thursday morning group and 1 male tenor in the Tuesday evening choir.

Q. Do you have auditions or a probationary period?

A. No formal audition, but an informal probation of a month or so.

Q. Do you have to read music?

A. No. Singers can learn the music by ear or by reading music.  Currently,  nearly half the singers read music. Being able to “hold your part” (sing one part of a song while a singer next to you is singing a different part) is a basic requirement because all our music is sung in harmony. The ability to hold your part is more important than being able to read music.  Audio files for singers who wish to learn them by listening at home can be provided.

Q. What do the fees cover?

Venue hire, APRA/AMCOS licensing (annual fee plus a casual event licence every time we perform) music purchasing, public liability insurance, publicity/advertising, graphic design, flyer and concert program printing, paying accompanists, website and maintenance, computer etc.

Q. What is your yearly timetable?

A.  We follow the NSW school term calendar.

 Q.  Do I ever have to sing a solo?

A. No.

Q. Are there opportunities to sing solo?

A.  There could be.  Make sure that you tell the director that you would like to.

Q. Do I have to perform?

A. No.  Performances are always entirely optional.

Q. I already sing in another choir – is it ok to sing with you as well?

A.   Of course.  We have singers from nearly every choir on the coast, and some go to three or four choirs in one week.   To have such passionate singers enhances all choirs.