FAQ    (Frequently Asked Questions)
Updated October 10, 2021

Q.  What is the skill level of this choir?

A.  We are an intermediate men and women’s choir.    

Q. How do I join?

A. Since we are closing down at the end of 2021, we are not taking on any new singers.

Q. What is being planned for 2022?

We are planning a series of short term choral workshops.
For example:
* weekend Gospel music session
* 4 week project on African music
* afternoon music reading session for advanced readers
* Choral works just in English
* Renaissance choral works
* Collaboration with Ubuntu (African Children’s Choir) when they return to Australia.

These workshops would be open to the public, adults and children  There would be a fee to pay to participate.

Q. Would you have auditions?

A. No, the only requirement would be for singers in the music reading project to be competent at reading music.

Q. What do the fees cover?

Mainly venue hire, APRA/AMCOS licensing,  music purchasing, public liability insurance, publicity/advertising, printing, paying accompanists, website and maintenance, etc