Performance Requests

Would you like us to perform?

We love performing and will consider all requests.

There is no fee if it is a non-profit organisation and no grant money has been given to put on the event.

Here are the questions that the singers and director will have for you.
What is the venue?
Is there a stage?
Are there risers for the singers?
Are mics and amps provided and if so, who is the sound engineer? (We prefer singing without mics).
Do you know the kind of music we sing and is it appropriate for your event?
Who is the audience?
What noise will be near by?  Another band playing?  The noise of a generator?  A cafe kitchen? A children’s playground?  Loudspeaker giving announcements?
Is there a quiet warm-up/rehearsal space?
Is there car parking?
Who is the event organiser?
How far in advance will the exact time and place be organised?
Has the venue taken out a music performing licence?  (APRA/AMCOS).
If the performers are singing for free, are you planning to give them complimentary coffee or lunch vouchers?