Jubila Singers sing vibrant music from cultures which have a strong harmonic tradition. We sing in many different languages and primarily a cappella.

Our annual concert this year is on Sunday, December 1, (details in flyer below). We will be singing in the Xhosa, Czech, Japanese, Samoan, Hebrew and Russian languages.

There is always an element of surprise in the Jubila Singers concerts, since much of the music has never been heard on the Central Coast. This concert represents some of our new songs (Goldies) and favourites from past years (Oldies).

Visitors to the Central Coast are often stunned at the architecture of our venue, the St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Woy Woy, and this is a rare chance to see the beautiful interior as well as experience the four second reverberation of the acoustics.


Jubila Singers Concert 2019

Jubila Singers Blackheath 2018

We also sing some music from the Western classic tradition – the classical component takes up about a third of our repertoire.   Singers learn by ear or they learn from notated music – some singers read music, some don’tClick here for details on the skill level of Jubila Singers and for details on current spaces available for new singers.

Our repertoire includes beautiful lush chorales from Russia as well as gorgeous pieces from Mozart and contemporary composers.   We also sing some unusual Appalachian gospel, delightfully ear-bending Czech folk-songs and riveting music from Georgia.  We are a non-religious group although many of the songs from Africa and southern USA are inherently religious in nature.

“Tremendous variety, full of life and fearless!”  audience member.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the happy occasion and was at times moved to tears by the sheer beauty of the voices.”  Audience member.

Jubila Singers Blackheath 2018 singing a spiritual led by Ray Wright

We have travelled to some wonderful places to sing in the last few years. We performed at   the best little choral festival in Australia, the Blackheath Choir Festival in August, 2018 and performed to an enthusiastically supportive crowd.  In July 2014, approximately a third of the choir visited Hobart to sing  at the Tasmania Festival of Voices. During September 2015, over half the choir travelled to Adelaide, SA, to sing in the inspiring St Peter’s Cathedral and at a favourite venue of musicians, the Pilgrim Church.  In November, 2016, October 2017 and November 2018 we sang our hearts out in free concerts at the beautiful St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Woy Woy, and will do so again on December 1, 2019.

Jubila Singers is a self-supporting community group run by Jane Becktel with valuable assistance from singers and their families.  The choir is currently full.  Please click FAQ for updates.

For information please contact Jane

Mobile/SMS: 0422 005 901
Email details on Contact page.

Updated October 16, 2019

Jubila Singers no longer maintains a facebook page.