Hellooooo singers!

After our hot and humid summer break, it’s time to break into song again.   I’m really looking forward to our new repertoire. We’ll be singing songs in Welsh, Church Slavonic, Italian, German, Turkish, Yiddish, Romani and a new Latvian song.  Oh, and English.

We have two new singers, David – bass, and Andrew – tenor, and we welcome them both. We still have not the space for any new sopranos or altos.

So warm up your voices, not hard in this weather; bring your 2018 folder list music in nicely alphabetically filed folders so that I love you forever, and we’ll see you either this Thursday February 1 or Tuesday February 6.

Ring, email or text any time you have questions.


About Jubilasingers

Choral singers who sing traditional polyphonic music from all over the world.
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